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Data Security Services delivered through a multi-cloud scalable, secure approach

Barings Security is the only enterprise data security cloud services delivered SaaS that combines machine learning, data discovery and classification tools along with scalable, data-centric encryption, tokenization, de-identification to help businesses secure sensitive information everywhere while maintaining data usability. Built for complex, heterogeneous business environments, the Barings Security data protection service provides unprecedented levels of data security for applications, data warehouses, big data and the cloud in the industry’s first cloud delivered service to protect the security of the data itself. In a regulatory environment that enterprises face with emerging European Union GDPR, US State regulations in New York and California and Alabama, it is becoming increasingly more critical to protect data to be compliant with both country and state regulations.

Regardless of where the data is at any given moment, Barings Security SaaS service enables an organization’s security officer to determine and specify what data is to be protected, who will have access, and when and how the data will be protected. The data remains secure at all times and only those with explicit permissions are able to see some or all of the data in the clear.

Companies trust Barings Security to help them protect sensitive data enterprise wide through cloud managed services, manage risk, achieve compliance, and enable business analytics in a secure manner for revenue enhancements. Barings Security enables businesses to protect sensitive data everywhere while maintaining the freedom to innovate with it anywhere.