Barings Security | Legal/Privacy Notice
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Legal/Privacy Notice


Welcome to the Web Site located at “” (the “Site”). This Site is owned and operated by Barings Security Inc. It is intended to furnish visitors, individually and/or on behalf of its respective employer (“you”) with general information on Barings Security services offerings. Barings Security’s mission is to provide visitors with a comprehensive online resource for information about our data-protection services.

Certain statements made on this Site may be forward-looking in nature. Any statements that are not statements of historical fact should be considered forward-looking statements. While every effort has been made to offer current and accurate information, errors can occur. Furthermore, this Site may contain a reference to certain laws and regulations. Laws and regulations will change over time and should be interpreted only in light of particular circumstances. Nothing on this Site serves as a substitute for appropriate professional consultation as to legal, insurance, accounting or other professional opinions.

We at Barings Security Inc care deeply about privacy, security, and online safety, all of which are a significant part of our essential mission: to protect sensitive information that includes PII (Personally Identifying Information) of users of our services from the risks of theft, disruption, and unauthorized access to their online information and activities. We may update this notice, or other privacy notices that we establish, at any time as we deem appropriate to reflect those changes. It is important that you check back from time to time and make sure that you have reviewed the most current version of this notice.


Customers and prospective customers may have privacy concerns about the personal data that Barings Security Inc processes. We want to help them understand our privacy practices so that they can determine whether our services satisfy their specific regulatory and compliance needs. We are dedicated to fostering our customers’ confidence in our services.

Data Privacy and Personal Data

In this document, “privacy program” refers to the way Barings Security manages and safeguards the collection, transfer, and storage of personal data. Our customers must comply with various international privacy regulations. These are the common privacy principles in most jurisdictions:

  • Notice: The data subject is made aware of what data is collected and how it will be used, disclosed, or shared, and with whom;
  • Choice: The data subject has the ability to opt in or out of their data being collected, stored, or shared;
  • Access: The data subject has access to their data for review or correction;
  • Use: The data is used for the purpose agreed to by the data subject;
  • Disclosure: The data is only shared for business needs and as agreed to by the data subject;
  • Security: The business has appropriate safeguards to secure personal data.

These privacy principles fall into the following categories.

  • The first set of principles applies to Barings Security Inc customers and their data subjects. Specifically, where required, their customers are responsible for providing notice, access, and choice to individuals whose data is collected and used within the Barings Security Saas offering.
  • The second set of principles, including restrictions on the use and disclosure of data, apply to Barings Security Inc in its role as the data processor. Barings Security Inc maintains a comprehensive security program that contains technical and organizational safeguards designed to prevent unauthorized access to and use or disclosure of customer data. We provide transparency into the geographical regions where your data is processed.
  • Thirdly to serve as a data processor, and only processes customer data on behalf of and as instructed by our Customers, and only to the extent necessary to provide the Security Service.