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Data Security as a Service

Breaches? Ransomware? Phishing? Revenue at risk? Are you chasing threats or are they chasing you?

What is a business to do with all that sensitive PII (Personally Identifying Information) laying around in repositories that are prone to attack and will be compromised? And the costs are exploding with $3.86M as the average cost of a data breach per Ponemon Institute report July 2018.

One solution is to get Barings Data Security SaaS service to protect all that PII. And grow revenues through secure analytics after you secure all the PII.

The mega security breaches have proven that traditional perimeter defense and access control technologies alone are inadequate. Regulators have responded by requiring data security to protect PII in-use, at-rest and in-transit.  While there is really no debate about its necessity, the adoption has been limited.

The reason this “data security gap” exists is that deploying, integrating and operating data security technology products requires significant security expertise and capital expenditures.

Barings Data Security SaaS service democratizes data security technology through a cloud service delivery model. Customers no longer need to purchase, deploy and manage data security products themselves. Born in the cloud, Barings Security offers a data security service through a highly secure, available, and scalable cloud infrastructure. The service offers various cryptographic primitives such as encryption, format preserving encryption, masking, hashing, digital signatures, and tokenization.

Customers can simply integrate data security into their data flows by leveraging Barings SaaS. The SaaS offers secure REST APIs through which customers can protect or unprotect sensitive data. The dual key control model allows for a robust security model without a single point of exposure.

Get up and running in minutes with our sample apps and SDKs.